About Us

In 1980, Steven and Jeannine Steniger purchased their first tank truck.  They began operating A-1 Septic Service out of their home in June of 1981.

Two years later, the Stenigers started their portable restroom buisiness with six portable restrooms, a Subaru Station Wagon and a small trailer.  Jeannine even helped out on the road pumping out units accompanied by her three year old daughter.

Over the years, the business grew, and so did the number of employees.  A-1 outgrew the house, moved into it’s own garage, and finally, a seperate office was built.

The company now has two septic pump trucks, three portable restroom trucks, maintenace vehicles, a waster holding tank, over 350 different kinds of portabel restrooms, and three portable restroom trailers.  When Jeannine’s brother Keith came aboard, and started doing inspections and installations, the need for a dump truck, heavy equipment trailer, backhoe and bulldozer arose.

Current employees include their two daughters Lorelea and Rachel, Jeannine’s brother Keith, his son in law Olney, and their son in law Dana.  Other members of the team include Stephanie, Andrew and Greg.

Together, A-1 Septic Service has been devoted to providing the best possible service at a reasonable rate.  We look forward to sharing our success with you!