Septic inspections are usually done when a home is for sale (and has a prospective buyer) or a bank requires one for refinancing. Our certified inspector examines and records the following:

  • Type of receptacle & condition of the tank.
  • The functional capacity of the tank.
  • Baffle condition: Most tanks have a front and rear baffle. When a home is sold, the state mandates that both front and rear baffles are on.
  • If possible, the type of leaching: Leach field, Dry Well, etc.
  • Maintenance appearance: That the system has been properly maintained with regular services.
  • A sketch of the system is also provided

The inspector will have you fill your bathtub with water and then let it drain. He will watch the level in the tank to see how fast the level goes down. This will help him determine if the leach is operating properly.

Prior to getting an inspection, there should be a prospective buyer. Lending institutions will not accept an inspection after a given amount of time has passed. This amount of time is determined by each individual lending institution. Therefore, having an inspection done before you have a prospective buyer could be an unnecessary expense.

The tank must be pumped and inspected at the same time. It is advisable to call the business who has been servicing the system on a regular basis. This company will have a record of how the system has been operating and how well it has been maintained.