Porta Lisa Trailer

The Porta Lisa is our smallest trailer, but it has a higher capacity than our medium sized trailer, so we consider it the most versatile.  It’s small size makes it ideal for any occasion, especially outdoor weddings.  It has a minimal footprint, measuring 8 ft. by 6 ft., so it can fit almost anywhere.

Why rent a restroom trailer from us for your next gathering?  A restroom trailer keeps people from traipsing through your house, using your water, and using your bathroom.  Especially if you have to pay for city water and waste, or to prevent your septic system from being overloaded.

The interior of the two restrooms is high quality with laminate counter tops, chrome faucets, and stainless steel sinks.  The toilets are low water usage, and the urinal in the men’s room uses a no water system, also to conserve water usage.

Here are some of the outstanding features the Porta Lisa has to offer!


  • Can accomodate up to 150 people for a five hour event.
  • Air conditioning
  • Floorboard Heaters
  • 2 vent fans per side
  • Occupied lights at doors
  • Exterior Porch Lights at each door
  • Laminated Vanity Tops with stainless steel bowls
  • Chrome Metered Faucets
  • 78 Gallon Fresh Water Supply – Non potable
  • On Demand Water Pump
  • City Water/Sewer hook-up
  • Waterless Urinal
  • Safety Backed Glass Mirror
  • Hidden trash system